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Celebrating your Vision and Crafting a Plan for Success

Heather combined her love of games, passion for team-building, and entrepreneurial dreams to launch Whole Brain Escape, an escape room in Apex, NC. She is a Wake Tech Small Business Center Advisory Board Member, and a graduate of LaunchApex. Heather’s entrepreneurial ambition took her down a long and informative road of learning, implementing, and doing.


From the early phases of writing a business plan, to taking several classes on Business Financials, P&L, Marketing, Branding, Sales, Negotiation, and more. Heather has developed a wealth of knowledge, executed on her plan, and is now a successful entrepreneur serving as a consultant to aspiring entrepreneurs. 


If you are ready to take that step in creating financial independence, or if you started the journey but aren’t sure what step to take next, reach out to Heather for a consultation.

Heather consulting with aspiring entrepreneurs
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