Giving Back to Progress Forward


Heather is proud to give back to her community and partner with nonprofits. Whole Brain Escape is a vision come to life, and a primary example of a locally grown business providing not only fun, but opportunities for the community. Heather and her husband have created a creative space for people in and around Apex to have a uniquely fun experience. It also affords the opportunity for young residents to work and learn about the business side.

Whole Brain Escape hires high school students and gives them good on the job training. They learn customer service, how to be detailed oriented, and how to solve problems.  There are also opportunities for them to learn graphic design, marketing, and audio/video production. We love this genuine trade-off of the community helping and supporting us, as we give back in return.

Heather spends a lot of time making connections in Apex by attending networking events, partnering with local businesses, and being involved with the local chamber and other local charities.


Whether it’s for a community festival, a local chamber event, or hosting an event at Whole Brain Escape, there are a number of opportunities to connect with Heather and her business.